Haschak Sisters - Girls Rule The World Lyrics

Haschak Sisters - Girls Rule The World Lyrics

Ohhhh I ate too much!
Me… too…
Are you seeing what I’m seeing right now?
They’re acting like they have no manners!
I think it's time for some serious changes around here

Wanna try another chocolate one?
I do but I just don’t see how
Alright, times up, both of you girls on your feet
School of Etiquette starts right now
Wait what?
Somebody wanna please explain how it’s possible we could find
The two of you out here in the park
By yourselves
Piggin’ out
Acting like a couple of guys!
What? Oh please we’re just having fun
We call it, "living the life!"
Besides, it’s just us, no one else is around
Yeah manners are waste of time!
The two of you have a lot to learn
It’s all good, we can show 'em the ropes
Um actually we kinda already had some plans
No you don’t Here!
Take some notes!

Shouldn’t have to be told twice
We love to be ladylike
You can go search far and wide
But it’s easy to see, WE
Always wanna do the right thing (hey!)
Act so politely
Have you ever thought it might be cause
Girls rule the world!
Princesses walk lightly (hey!)
There’s no denying
Have you ever thought it might be cause
Girls rule the world

Stand up straight, put your shoulders back
Chin up, now try to walk
If you’re gonna take a bite
That’s fine but a smaller size
(food in mouth mumblings)
Ew! chew don’t talk
And if you're gonna ask
Oh I know this one! "May I please??"
That’s right but not too many times
And if a boy holds the door
Then i tell him thank you
Umm... run away from guys
Wait! Why!?
Now you don’t wanna wear too much, a little powder will do just fine
And what's a good idea?
Oh I know, I should freshen up!
Because I've been outside!
That's right!
Uh! There’s just so much to learn
We’re never gonna get it right
We quit!
Oh come on. Let's try it again.
Being a lady just takes some time!


Sierra: Hey I think i'm getting the hang of it!
Gracie: Yup! You're acting more like a lady by the minute
Olivia: Do you think we could try it one time with you guys?Madison: Sure! Just follow our lead!

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